mercredi 22 juillet 2009

Do not but from

Do not buy from them

I actually being and buy from internet for almost 20 years...I m not a newbie! . I just bought from them...what a nightmare i came true...and still in it.

I tryed to purchase a great replica...i paid over 100 us for a total junk! if it worth more then 10$ ....what i received is a total messed! a total PLASTIC handbag!

I asked for a refund and after about 30 emails....they told me to shipped them and i will get a refund! It cost me another 60$ us to send it to them and they told me they never get it! Are they honnest....i do not think so.......every parcel i posted from last years over 200 were ok...i post one to get a refund and they never get it! They are totally CHINA scam you were cold doing business with china this is another GOOD reason never buy from FINERBAGS.COM